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If you want to learn the skills that will pay you serious money, now and for the rest of your life...Then you belong in today's high tech, high sweat, high reward pipe industry.

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The Steamfitters Local 602 offers self insured Medical, Pension, Annuity and Training program.

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We have created this page in conjunction with the United Association Political & Legislative Affairs Department to enable members to GET INVOLVED!

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Select a search field of Contractors that will provide the services you require from Full mechanical to Residential.

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Welcome to Steamfitters Local 602


Steamfitters UA Local #602 represents the Journeymen, Apprentices and Helpers, who work in the Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Process Piping Industry in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and hope you will take the time to browse through it and learn about the many advantages and benefits of being a member of our Local Union. Our members have installed, repaired and maintained heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and process piping systems in the Nation’s Capital and its surrounding areas for over 100 Years. We have provided and continue to provide these services in a variety of different Buildings and/or Facilities across the Metropolitan Area.
Customers, who have relationships with our Local Union, know that Local 602’s members provide an invaluable service, with the highest degree of professionalism, when called upon for whatever their needs may be.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any questions or if you are in need of any additional information about our Local Union.


Important info! Contactors and building owners know Local 602 members build and service mechanical equipment with the highest degree of professionalism. And our members know they receive top wages and benefits for the outstanding work they do. Please contact us if you have any questions about Steamfitters Local 602..


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Please join me in congratulating our Awardees who will be receiving their pins and certificates at our Annual Awards Dinner Dance on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  Consider joining us as they come out for their awards:

70 Years

George V Brown                                  Frank E Moody

65 Years

Kenneth D Hubbard                            Otto Stiltner

60 Years

George W Austin                                 Paul D Bennett                        Gerald Fogleman

David C Heiss                                      Alfred M Mori                         James E Shorten

Ralph P Sita

55 Years 

Joseph R Accardi                                 Arnold M Brandenburg           William J Buckley Jr

Charles E Bucklin                                 Donald D Detwiler                  Donald E Flory

Charles C Jewell                                  Robert E Jones                         Charles W Lare

Russell E Leigh                                    Richard Leinneweber              Robert J Madello

John H Mailander Jr.                           Thomas G Marshall                Edward M McNamara Jr.

Ronald E Merkle                                 Richard Morgan                      Arnold J Prada

Richard L Rankin                                 George Stradone                     William S Tayman

James T Walker

50 Years 

Daniel O Carey                                    John P Flesher                         Ronald Gary

Dennis Goldsmith                                Robert L Jinkins                       Michael Klock

Robert L Lambert                                Robert W Loy                          Joseph F Mann

Jackie L Pierson                                   Maxie G Rader                        Lawrence B Reed Jr.

Christian L Shorter                              Jerome H Sowers                    Stanley E Wade Jr.

Zacharias Walters Jr.                          Larry M Weakley                     Michael D Whipp

Joseph S Williams Jr.

45 Years

William A Bland                                  James R Kimbrell                    Joseph A Puleo

Howard D Shelton                               Milton J Switzer Jr.                  William H Whitt

40 Years

James H Apel                                       Ernie Barrett                           Robert L Bowen

Richard R Bowling                               Kenneth C Cole                       Carl C Cruickshank

Thomas Delagarza                              Thomas H Doll                        Joseph R Hales Jr.

Elmer P Hall                                        Thomas A Haller                     Charles K Harris

John P Houghton                                 Robert L Houghton                  Kevin R Hughes

Jerome A Johnson                               Steven E Kennedy                    Larry E Lariscy

Wayne Loveless                                  Russell D Mack II                     Marion Martin

Michael D Masters                              Michael H Mauck                    John E Mavilia

Sherwin N Mitchell                             Robert F Parks Sr.                   James Quine

Stephen G Seebode                             John J Sprinkle Jr.                    Daniel Telesford

John I Vucci                                         Edward L Williams                  Joseph I Wilson

William W Woycik Jr.

35 Years 

James F Baker                                     Donald A Bell                          Donald E Bolden

Donald E Braun Jr.                              Brian Burnett                          Edwin C Callow Jr.

James R Chandler                               Thomas E Cole                        Kevin R Cubbage

Bruce Dantley                                     David G Davis                          Levon Davis

Earl Devere                                         James L Fleshman Jr.              Daniel P Gawne

Patricia L Gifford                                 Frederick Giordani                  Thomas Henchcliffe Jr.

Ronald A Hester                                  Arthur C Hetrick                      David R Hoover

David E Johnson                                  Barryl A Jones                          Joel A Julien

Stephen R Kinney                                Steven D Leinneweber            Michael P Looney

Frederick Mesenbrink Jr.                    Jesse Morgan                          Christopher J Nash

Raymond W O’Neill                            Ronald E Orndoff                    James D Ottey

John W Payne Jr.                                 James Tracey Phipps               Patricia E Phipps

Charles R Reifenauer                          Wessley D Ringgold                Charles R Robinson

Bruce C Sacrey                                    Michael J Seal                         James Smith

Bill Stiles, Jr.                                        James W Tayman Jr.               Steven M Tayman

John W Thompson Jr.                         Dominic E Totaro                    Charles L Wills Jr.

30 Years 

Robert B Brown                                   Vincent M Ciatto                     Harold E Connor III

Micheal K Correll                                Eric S Craddock                       Linda S Durham          

Steve R Felton                                     Raymond L Hartman               Maurice C Herzberg

Jeffrey E Inglett                                   Dana W Jones                          Robert C Kinder

Jeffrey A Lott                                       Albert K Lowry                        William T Malone

Jeffrey S Marshall                               Kenneth L Money                    Joseph A Motz

Thomas R Mozingo                             Donald W Mullins                   Keith R Nicholson

Patrick J Prada                                    William G Sansbury                 Jeffery W Smith

William A Strain                                  Daniel P Taber                        Gregory L Tarmon

Michael J Toner                                   Mark D Urian                          Donald J Webster Jr.

Charles Woodard Jr.                           Joseph E Young

25 Years 

Hossein Andalibi                                 Andre Bassette                        James W Beasley

Brent A Bogaczyk                                Glenwood Brooks Jr.               Thomas M Byrne

Keith E Clifton Jr.                                 John E Coburn                         Samuel R Cook

Ronald Crampton Jr.                           Robert F Cronin Jr.                  Carl K Dean

David C Derrick                                   David W Fogleman                  Jalyn Glore

E Christopher Gooden                         Barry D Gordon                       John M Gough Jr.

William G Grigsby                               Karl L Haupt                             Bryan F Hillman

Joseph V Holden                                 Douglas J Horning                   Malcolm A Hunter

Andre Jones                                         John A King III                          Willie C Moore Jr.

Leonard F Murphy                              James E Norsworthy                Shawn W Pace

Robert H Pearson                                Edward Perry                          Warren V Plummer Jr.

Thomas A Simpson                              Robert P Sonnefeld                 Gary E Steinat

Gregory M Thomas                             Scott D Walker                        Paul R Webster

Anthony W Wilson Jr.                         Gary E Wood Jr.                      Christopher M Wood

Kerridge C Wright                              



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